Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis)

Interesting :

Giraffe is the tallest among terrestrial animals. It has very long neck. Male height is around 18 feet and its weight is around 1,100 - 1,932 kilograms. Female height is around 17 feet and its weight is around 700 - 1,182 kilograms. Both male and female has horn and does not shed its horn. Its horn is covered by hair. It has short brown hair with distinctive trait. Its mouth and tongue is long. It uses lips and tongue to whip leafs. It has 4 breasts.

Habitat :

It is found only in Africa around Savannah grassland and Southern part of Sahara desert from Nigeria to Orange River.

Food :

It does not like grasses but prefers leafs.

Behavior :

It stays in wide grassland in heard. It makes a living together with other animals such as zebras, ostriches, and antelopes. Giraffe is a guardian. Male fights each other during breeding season. The main enemies of giraffes are leopards and lions. It protects itself by using its head to pitch and uses its limbs to kick its enemy.

Current Status :

Leaet Concern

Reproductive :

It is mature and ready for mating at the age of 3 years and a half. Gestation period is around 420 - 468 days. One litter contains only one young. It weans when it is 10 months old. It is in hot every 14 days and lasts 24 hours long per time. It can live up to 20 - 30 years.

Point of view :

Update : 11 April 2017