Water Park Khonkaenzoo

The water Park on the mountains or water park inKhonKaen Zoo is recreation which attractions the tourist to touch the mountains a natural atmosphere. Enjoy whirl pooland slider tower which is 15 m high with both the rails and Rails in the jungle!.

KhonKaen Zoo Water Park, Thailand, daily from 10.00 am to 18.00 pm.

For the services whether rent swim suit, hats, glasses, towel, rings robe, rubber shoe lockers, including food Center will use cash instead of a cash coupon.

Rental rate set
  • Baby boy/ girlwith swim Cap 40 baht.
  • Kids boy/girlwith swimming Cap 60 baht.
  • Adult with swimming Cap 90 baht.

Using an ID card, a student card or driver's license deposit for rental.

The coupon counter has 3 point .
  • on the way up, building, floor 2.
  • on the ground floor of the building services.
  • at the Food Center

Food Center is located on the ground floor of a blue building. There is a variety of food to choose.Tourists can redeem cash coupons are another point, on the ground floor.