Highlights of animals

          Lots of tourists visit Khon Kaen Zoo to see the newborn pygmy hippo and also enjoy the water park to cool down.

          Throughout this weekend at Khon Kaen Zoo, Khao Suan Kwang District, Khon Kaen Province, tourists from Thailand and Lao PDR bring their families to see various kinds of animals exhibited at Khon Kaen Zoo, especially the baby hippopotamus, the new member of Khon Kaen Zoo who receives a lot of attentions from the tourists. They also participate in Baby Pygmy Hippo Naming Contest arranged by the zoo. While at Tung Saen Kwang Zone, the tourists are taking pictures with the deer closely and feeding them with vegetables.  

          For the water park located at the top of the mountain, there are many tourists that bring their families to join the water play activities. Apart from that, due to the hot weather at noon there are a lot of customers visit the grilled chicken shops in Khao Suan Kwang District, resulted in not less than 20 million baht income injected to Khao Suan Kwang District in the weekend.