Student learning project

From the support of the Government agency, in cooperation with the zoo logical park organization produces a project guide that focuses on promoting the knowledge of living organisms access to students and whoever interested in learning at the Zoo, Thus causing the project guide.

The project, which will offer tours of the Zoo\'s care team coordination. With the introduction of more efficient and enjoyable visit during tour. If anyone interest you make reservations online guide project system.

Online tour booking system is open to projects who are interested can submit details of visitors, authorities, administrative coordination, admission dates or any other information that is relevant to those who wish to attend can notify by online. After being informed by the need to join the student learning project, the zoo will approval and prepare any service facilities

** Project brings students to learn at the Zoo Category 1 day return full category 1 projects are remaining leader of night 2 day contact Tel: 86-4556340 studies. Khon