KhonKaen Zoo operations established by the Ministry of natural resources and the environment, which aims to become an ecotourism, wildlife conservation research center of rare breeds. Ecological rehabilitation based on the concept of cooperation with the community of forest logging agreements between agencies, including 4 of Zoo logical park organization, Nation Forest, National wildlife and plant Park, and KhonKaen province on April 27, 2009.

          KhonKaen Zoo is located in KhonKaen, KhonKaen province, 50 km away from the town and 70 km from Udonthani. Khon.On 3338 acres oflandscaped area in the wildlife park.The zoo provide a natural classroom to build awareness a part of its youth for protection wildlife and plants. The animal exhibits, divided into different parts, such as deer, barking deer, sambar deer, numerous White Lion, white tiger,urangutang, tiger, camel and white rhinoceros. 

          The Charm of amazing nature on the mountain "Phu Kao SuanKwang.” The Sky bridgeacross the Africa Zone is called "Sky Walk."The tourist can watch the animals in bird eye views. Beautiful views of the mountains and cliffs of the sort one pasture behind him, feeling close to nature & touching fog closely. Our service is a house meeting room, recreation buildings, wooden stumps.Camp focuses on the culture research center and conservation of wild animals, including the restoration of the original ecosystem of forests and wildlife of this concept in a forest with a community based on the concept of sufficiency economy people are with woods. Links to international destinations from KhonKaen to Vientiane City Zoo, LuangPrabang, Viet Nam regard as bringing money from abroad into the Thai nation. Moreover, this is ready to make it a LANDMARK of the Northeas
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